Arizona Scenery:

Saguaro National Monument - East

The Saguaro National Monument is located east of Tucson at the foot of the Rincon Mountains. The park has a visitors center, area hiking trails, a campground and a paved driving loop. There is a small fee for entrance.

Tucson Mountain Park

The Tucson Mountain Park encompasses most of the Tucson Mountains. Running through the middle is Speedway Blvd which turns into Gates Pass Road and will climb up and over the mountains and out on to the desert ending at Kinney Road near the Arizona Sonoran Desert Museum. North of the Desert Museum is the Saguaro National Monument -West.

The Tucson Mountains and Saguaro Cactus.

The Tucson Mountains, Gates Pass.

Tucson Mountains, Gates Pass.

Tucson Mountains, Gates Pass.

Tucson Mountains, Sonoran Desert.

Moon rise from Gates Pass

Catalina Highway during Monsoons

The Catalina Highway runs from Tucson up to Summer Haven at the top of Mt. Lemon.

One of the waterfalls flowing from the Catalina mountains

Assorted Scenery

This set of scenery photos comes from all over Arizona.

The road from Portal, AZ into the Chiricahua Mountains

Marble canyon is at the east end of the Grand Canyon

Texas Canyon rest area off of I-10