Bald Eagles in the Verde Canyon

The Verde Canyon Railroad runs from Clarkdale up the canyon in search of Bald Eagles. There are two known pairs that are resident all year. In the winter many more migrate south to the Verde River Canyon. The train ride is two hours up the canyon to Perkinsville where there is a stop over while the engine is switiched to the opposite end of the train for the return trip. In addition to watching for eagles the canyon is very scenic.

Other Eagles

Sheila took this shot of a Bald Eagle in St. Paul, Minnesota. She was shooting with an AF Nikkor 80-400mm VR zoom lens from across the Mississippi river shooting at 400mm.

Sheila shot this at 80mm from across the river.

This is not an easy shot to get but with patience and skill Jerry managed to catch this Bald Eagle in flight in Minnesota.